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Yoga for Children with Special Needs (DVD)

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Yoga instructor Aras Baskauskas teams with Occupational Therapist Britt Collins, M.S. OTR/L. Aras takes the children through a yoga routine and Britt points out different suggestions regarding your child's specific special needs. Yoga promotes mental and physical well-being, allowing kids to strengthen their bodies while simultaneously calming themselves. Occupational Therapy benefits children by helping focus energy into appropriate movement and function, organizing sensory systems and increasing body awareness and coordination skills.

Please Note: This DVD is for children who have the ability to stand, bend down and touch the floor, and can imitate and follow directions.

Chapters Include
-Yoga Routine
-Organization of Behavior
-Dance with Jen
-Storytime with Rachel Hunter
-Interview with Aras Baskauskas


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