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Worth Repeating: What Works for Early Language and Literacy Development - featured August 31, 2011

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Editor's Note: Special Thanks to the people at Bilinguistics for the heads-up on this very important article.

Lessons from Experimental Evaluations of Programs and Intervention Strategies

by: Alison Chrisler, M.A. and Thomson Ling, Ph.D.,

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Early childhood represents a critical period in the development of young children’s language and literacy skills. Children’s experiences both inside the home and in early care and education settings play a significant role in the development of their emerging language and literacy skills. Early childhood interventions and curricula have been designed to promote children’s development in language and literacy. Results from experimental evaluations of approaches have suggested that children’s literacy skills can be influenced by effective early childhood programs. Given the importance of the early childhood period as a time when the foundation is laid for later language and literacy, it is important to determine what activities and experiences lead to positive language and literacy outcomes in early childhood.

This Fact Sheet reviews fifteen experimentally-evaluated programs and intervention strategies that were primarily focused on improving early language and literacy skills. The review does not include comprehensive early childhood programs or early intervention strategies that may produce literacy and language outcomes, such as Even Start, Head Start, the Carolina Abecedarian Project, Tools of the Mind, or Ready to Learn. In addition, this Fact Sheet is not an exhaustive list of effective early language and literacy programs and interventions. Rather, it is an overview of experimentally evaluated programs and intervention strategies that have been identified for Child Trends’ database of random assignment, intent-to-treat studies of social interventions for children and youth – LINKS (Lifecourse Interventions to Nurture Kids Successfully).1

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