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Worth Repeating: The Picky Eaters Club - featured November 21, 2011

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[Source: Advance for Speech-Language Pathologists]

by Jason Mosheim

Their jaws drop when the vegetables on their plate collide with their meat and mashed potatoes. They frown at the mere mention of lathering up their chicken with barbeque sauce. They demand to know the origins of this food or that. Living on one food such as macaroni and cheese for weeks at a time is no big deal and is often preferable to the smorgasbord of food that is put before them three times a day.

Welcome to the world of picky eaters. Chances are if you don't know one-and those chances are slim-then you are one yourself. However, there are ways to coax these children to eat properly with a smile on their face.

An admitted picky eater, Janice Woolsey, MS, CCC-SLP, always tells incoming students a personal story about her prickly relationship with fish sticks. "In my family the rule was this: you could not eat good, expensive fish until you passed the fish stick test. I've never seen a rectangular fish swimming in the ocean. I would sit at the table every Friday night and say, 'Where was this fish? Where did you catch this fish? Tell me how you make a rectangular fish. Fish don't look like this, and I'm not going to eat it,'" recalled Woolsey, clinic coordinator at the Language, Speech and Hearing Center, Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, at California State University-Northridge.

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