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Worth Repeating: 'Helpful Hints for Those Working with a Speech Pathologist' - featured April 19, 2011

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Editor's Note: While I am not personally an SLP, I have already been told several times this morning that this article is hilarious if you are one. So, Speech Paths, does this article describe you too? Let us know which parts 'speak to you.' Enjoy!

[Source:, Article by Penny Castagnozzi]

Okay, you may see where I’m coming from. As wonderful as SLPs are, they are in a class by themselves among professionals, and it’s just going to make life easier for all concerned if people realize that they don’t have to try to change the SLPs in their lives -they just have to understand them. Having spent the last twenty years as the business partner of a speech pathologist, and the last 52 years living in close contact with that same SLP (this brilliant business partner is also my adorable sister!), I feel not only qualified to share my thoughts, but actually justified to finally be unleashing my opinions on life with an SLP!

As a disclaimer, I might mention that, of course, not all speech/language pathologists are alike. Throughout my career, though, I have worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of speech pathologists, and although you are a beautiful tapestry of individuals, there are indeed some colors that seem to appear quite frequently in the artwork!

As my gift to the world (no, I’m not re-gifting the corn-cob roaster that my adult children honored me with over the holidays!) I’d like to offer ten tips on dealing with the elite individuals who I lovingly refer to as “Speech Paths.”

Ten Tips for the SLP-Blessed:

1 Don’t even bother to ask, “Do you know what you’re going to do today?” Of course she knows what she’s going to do. She’s a Speech-Path! She made her mental list the night before and has been rehearsing it ever since, unless she’s written it down on a small piece of paper, which she’ll copy neatly onto another, larger piece of paper right after she has her first cup of coffee.

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