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Worth Repeating: Halloween and Autism, Scary For All the Wrong Reasons - featured October 11, 2011

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Worth Repeating: Halloween and Autism, Scary For All the Wrong Reasons

By: Stuart Duncan

Halloween is meant to be a wonderful time for children, they get to go out for a little while and do nothing but collect free candy from the whole town just by saying “Trick or Treat!”

As parents of children with disorders or disabilities, we know all too well just how difficult this “wonderful time” can truly be.

Too Little Fear
Many children with a disorder, including Autism, have far too little fear when something catches their focus. When magic takes hold and the entire event seems like a dream come true, a child will dart off into a street, jump into the middle of another group or just take off to any random stranger without giving anything a second thought. How could anything bad happen? It’s magic candy night!

Children with Autism have been known to do these things on any given day, much less when there’s lights, sounds, candy, kids and more all around them.

There is a LOT of safety concerns for parents to be aware of and to go over with their children on Halloween as it is, when you mix in Autism into a child’s list of concerns, you quickly become aware of just how much of a hand full this wonderful night might just be.

Some parents choose not to go out at all, which is a shame. But I can understand why. I wish there was some way I could find the extra eyes and arms they need to go it out there safely because it is something that they shouldn’t have to miss out on.

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