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Worth Repeating: Celebrate Crawling! 8 Reasons Crawling Creates Capable Kids - featured November 17, 2011

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by: Sue Wilkinson

Did you know that this generation of kids is less likely to crawl than any generation in the history of toddlers? That is, if you live in the U.S. or the U.K. We have embraced the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) "Back To Sleep" program which trains new Moms to place their babies on their backs to minimize suffocation risk. Gratefully, there has been a decrease in SIDS. We've just forgotten the second part of the message..."Tummy Time for PLAY." Why care if kids don't crawl? Many pediatricians advise us to use a different developmental milestone to gauge a child's development. However, crawling creates capable kids.

Bucket Babies. Have you noticed that our babies are now placed in "infant carriers" for a good part of the day? We apparently can no longer carry a baby, or transport a baby with out an infant carrier. What happened to the old-fashioned supporting a child with one arm? And juggling daily chores with a baby, dipping and bending to get things in tow? Their heads could perceive this movement, building a foundation for balance reactions. Their little bodies would be challenged by gravity, building core muscles. Our sweet babies now spend hours a day, flat on their backs, in rigid plastic...then go to sleep, where else, but on their backs!

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