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Worth Repeating: 56 Interesting Facts about Left-Handedness & Left-Handed People - featured September 15, 2011

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Editor's Note: Here's something fun to share with your handwriting kiddos or maybe even as a conversation starter in speech therapy!


  1. Between 10-12% of people on earth are “lefties.” Women are more likely to be right-handed than men by about 4 percentage points.
  2. August 13th is “Left-Hander’s Day.” Launched in 1992, this yearly event celebrates left-handedness and raises awareness of the difficulties and frustrations left-handers experience every day in a world designed for right-handers.c
  3. At various times in history, left-handedness has been seen as many things: a nasty habit, a mark of the devil, a sign of neurosis, rebellion, criminality, and homosexuality. It has also been seen as a trait indicating creativity and musical abilities.b
  4. Some scholars note that left-handers may be one of the last unorganized minorities in society because they have no collective power and no real sense of common identity. Additionally, left-handers are often discriminated against by social, educational, and religious institutions. Social customs and even language set the left-hander apart as “different” and even “bad.”

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