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Worksheets! For Teaching Social Thinking and Related Skills

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by Michelle Garcia Winner

This book consists of 250 worksheets specifically designed to offer more lessons in teaching social thinking that dovetail both off the lessons discussed in all of Michelle G. Winner's other books: Inside Out: What Makes the Person With Social Cognitive Deficits Tick? Thinking About You Thinking About Me, and the Think Social! A Social Thinking Curriculum for School Age Students. These lessons are in addition to most of the information in these other three books. The worksheets help to create a lesson plan, defining how to break down concepts for students to explore and they can used directly with students. The worksheets can be copied and sent to parents and other professionals to give an idea of what the student is learning and how to carry the concept over in their own environments. There are some worksheets for children Kindergarten through 2nd grade, the majority of the worksheets are for students in 3rd grade and higher, many of the worksheets are for middle and high school students; the ideas can be used with adults as well. Each worksheet page is coded for the recommended age group it targets.


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