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Video: More Stuttering in the News from ABC - featured November 30, 2010

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[Source: ABC News 20/20]

At 32, Steven Kaufman finally has come to terms with the stuttering that was so often in the way when he was growing up, although he sometimes still feels that he's spinning his wheels in a snow bank when he gets stuck in a word and can't get it out.

But he's thrilled and proud to have attended the recent premiere of a movie telling the world that people who stumble on their own words "can accomplish anything you want: You can be king of England."

"The King's Speech," which opened Friday in New York and Los Angeles, depicts how Lionel Logue, an amateur Australian actor and self-styled speech therapist, helped Prince Albert acquire the confidence and skills to overcome a crippling stammer and overwhelming anxiety to take his place 74 years ago as Great Britain's King George VI.

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