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Tips for Parents Seeing Signs of Mutism: From Chicago Tribune

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On his first day of preschool, Danielle Glassburg's son didn't talk to anyone. Not to his teachers, not to the
other children. Her son's teachers chalked his non-speaking up to severe shyness, figuring as he got used to
school he would relax and, like the other children, soon begin chattering away. But it didn't happen. Week after
week went by, and still the boy sat silent in class. Glassburg, a Buffalo Grove resident who at that time lived
near Rockford, began taking her son for treatment, trying first one doctor, then another. It took two years
before she found a doctor who understood what was wrong with her son: selective mutism, a rare disorder in which
the sufferer -- usually a child -- is unable to speak in certain anxiety-producing settings, most often in
school or some other public environment. [Source: Chicago Tribune, February 06, 2000]

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