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Therapy Resource of the Week: Video on Direct/Indirect Language - featured August 1, 2011

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Therapy Resource of the Week: Video on Direct/Indirect Language

By: Sean J. Sweeney
Copyright 2011. Reprinted with the express permission of the author as it appeared on his blog

RSA Animate is a wonderfully creative resource that provides sketch visualizations of interesting talks and lectures. I recently watched this one by noted linguist Stephen Pinker, discussing what we would refer to as "indirect and direct" language and social relationships. It is well worth a look and would perhaps be worth using in segments if you work with adult and teen clients that have high-level social pragmatic issues. Summer food-for-thought!

Featured Contributor: Sean J. Sweeney of SpeechTechie

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About Sean and
Hi! My name is Sean J. Sweeney and I am a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS). I currently work as an ITS at a middle school in Newton MA and continue my work as an SLP in private practice at The Ely Center, also in Newton. SpeechTechie is an effort to combine my two passions: fostering language development through contextualized intervention, and interactive educational technologies. My goal is to post several resources a week, and present each resource "through the language lens," meaning with an eye toward how the website or program would be helpful in speech and language interventions. I hope that this blog will be helpful not only to SLPs but also to ESL/ELL teachers, language arts teachers, special education teachers, or anyone who loves words! Feel free to comment/leave feedback or questions on any post or to contact me at sean at

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