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Therapy Activity of the Week: Kids Yoga Pose - The Camel / Ustrasana - featured October 11, 2010

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Thanks to our friends at Yoga in My School for this great kids yoga pose! Please support our contributors and visit Yoga in My School

[Source: Yoga in My School]

[Image: camel-baby.jpg]

Camels are fascinating creatures. With their long eye lashes, silent feet, ability to carry heavy burdens across the desert, and telltale hump(s) on their back, camels can teach us much about adapting to life and enduring through it’s sandstorms. In yoga camel pose is a lovely back-bend which opens the heart & chest, lengthens the psoas (hip flexors), and strengthens the back. When teaching camel pose, I’ll often talk about dehydration and our need for regular water consumption each day for our bodies to function properly, digest food, fight off illness, circulate the blood, etc.

Camel Pose – Ustrasana pose camel

[Image: posecamel.jpg]
  • Kneel tall, tops of the feet flat on the ground or toes curled under, whichever is most comfortable
  • Circle one arm overhead, then reach for the heel behind you
  • Circle the other arm, reaching for the other heel
  • Lift your chest, filling the camel’s hump with water (it’s not really filled with water but this imagery works)
  • If comfortable, allow your head to fall back
Benefits: Stretches the entire front of the body, opens the abdomen and throat while stimulating the internal organs, strengthens back muscles, improves posture

Alice the Camel is a fun song to sing while practicing Camel Pose.

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