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Therapist Resource of the Week: Free Dyslexia Screening and Therapy Tools on Lexercise - featured February 11, 2011

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We met the folks from Lexercise at ASHA this year and were impressed with their online product. Lexercise's coordinated structured language routines span all language domains: phonemic awareness, word reading, spelling, vocabulary, symbol memory, sentence dictation and formulation as well as text reading.

What we just found out, however, is that Lexercise provides clinicians with a lot of free tools:

* The Lexercise Screener is a free, web-based tool that parents, teachers, physicians and clinicians can use to screen children (ages 6 and up) for dyslexia. You can read more about the Lexercise Screener here. The Lexercise Screener can be accessed from the Lexercise home page, by clicking: "Screen Your Child Now

* By registering as a Lexercise Clinician SLPs, psychologists and clinical educators can access a number of free, research-backed tools for diagnosing and treating dyslexia, including:
o Screening for Reading Problems (an article that reviews the conceptual basis for screening );
o A Lexercise Practice Plan tool that permits clinicians to build Word Banks customized for individual clients using the Lexercise Scope & Sequence, an Orton-Gillingham approach for teaching phonological, morphological and orthographic word structure.
o Word cards, sentences and phrases that follow Lexercise's explicit and systematic (phonological, morphological, orthographic) Scope & Sequence;
o A variety of structured language routines for teaching and practicing written language

Obviously, there is a paid version too, but because language-literacy impairment is by far the most prevalent communication disorder (affecting 15-20% children) Lexercise's goal is to make research-backed, language-literacy services available to more families and hence the free screeners etc. Many families have difficulty traveling to a clinic for regular services, so Lexercise has designed tools to bring services to the child's home.

SLPs, Reading Teachers and others wishing for a clinician code for access to the tools should contact Kimberly Murphy, Vice President of Clinician Development at Each clinician will get access to the tools as well as trial memberships the children.


Try a Lexercise Game

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