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'The King's Speech' to Hit Broadway in 2012 - featured August 9, 2011

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[Source CNN, Photo Credit: The Weinstien Company]

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Plans are underway to bring "The King's Speech" to Broadway.

Producer Michael Alden said the current goal is to launch the stage rendering in U.K. regional theater in the winter of 2012, then move to London's West End and before opening on Broadway in the fall.

None of the actors from the film are slated to reprise their roles in the play, which calls for nine cast members, Alden said.

"We talked about that early on, but it wouldn't serve them," Alden said. "You're really looking for actors to come and breathe new life into the characters, themselves. It's always great to see what a new actor will bring to a role."

Unlike other movies that have recently made their way to the stage, "The King's Speech" will be less of an adaptation (no stuttering musical numbers) and more of an alternative presentation.

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