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The All About Me Book: How to Share Information About Your Child with New People

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The “All About Me” Book: How to Share Information About Your Child with New People

By: Sharon Gretz, M.Ed.
Sharon Gretz is the founder and current executive director of the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA). She also is the parent of a child diagnosed with apraxia of speech.

Sharon's personal journey with her son, as well as her professional dedication to helping children and families affected by apraxia is both inspiring and incredibly insightful. My hope is that therapists and parents will be moved and motivated by her story, her words and her passion.

We wish to thank Apraxia-Kids and Sharon Gretz, M.Ed, for allowing us to link to their useful articles.

NB: This article is written for the parents of children who have Childhood Disabilities and related problems. We publish it here because we know that therapists like to give their client's caregivers as much information as possible.

When my child with apraxia was ready to transition from a wonderful preschool into our elementary school system, I must admit that I was terrified.The preschool staff and his private speech-language pathologist had a very nice team approach in place and my son was thriving. His speech and language were improving.His ability to communicate with other children and the adults at school had changed enormously. He was happy and well adjusted. And now we had to start over.Gosh, I had fears about that!

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