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Ten Year Old Gymnast Builds Muscle, Slows Cerebral Palsy - featured September 9, 2010

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[Source: Kilgore News Herald]

Two years ago, 10-year old Robert Flynn could barely walk without a severe limp. Diagnosed with borderline cerebral palsy at age 2, his parents were surprised when he asked to join the Kilgore Acro-flyers gymnastics team.

But the countless hours of assisted stretching and coaching paid off for Robert when he and his sister, Brittnee Flynn, earned fourth place in a national gymnastics tournament in Orlando, Fla.

“When we first got Robert, he was very stiff,” said Ada Wells, coach for the Acro-flyers. “He couldn’t even do a cartwheel. He was very uncoordinated. But he is a child that works very hard. Sometimes, he has to put in two or three times the work of a normal child to get a skill.”

She said Robert got involved with the team after he watched his sister compete in her first meet.

Cynthia Flynn said she decided to let her son join the team in the stretching exercises because she knew it would help improve his range of motion.

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