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Teaching Babies Sign Language As Well as Speech - featured July 27, 2010

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Thanks to our friends at Apraxia-Kids/CASANA for directing us to this article. Sign can bridge gap for kids w/ apraxia of speech too!!

[Source: Philadelphia Inquirer]

Toward the end of lunch, Phoenix Ferragame, 17 months old, raised both hands in front of his chest and tapped his fingertips together.

His mother smiled.

"You want more? More chips?" Gina Ferragame asked, mimicking the hand movement and then passing the bowl to her son.

For parents, hardly anything is as satisfying as being able to communicate with their children. But speech requires development of three muscle groups. Toddlers typically have motor control of their hands and fingers months sooner.

Teaching a short vocabulary of American Sign Language — milk, more, please, and a handful of other words — is so simple that parents are networking, classes are spreading, and how-to sites are booming

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