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Swimming for Autism in the News - featured January 17, 2011

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[Source: The Brownsville Herald]

The bus pulled up to the Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center. All of the children were extremely excited, even the new boys. They had been seeing a swimming picture on the calendar for some weeks. The older boys knew well what that meant, three weeks of swimming in the big pool. It didn’t matter that the days fell in the middle of winter. Swimming was swimming. They absolutely loved going. For "Marshall" and several other boys, it was a great activity right after all the hoopla surrounding the Christmas holidays.

As the 11 boys lined up outside the bus, the older ones knew what to do. Those that were able became role models for the younger ones. Several of the boys still had problems getting dressed and undressed. For the next several weeks, they knew they needed to finish quickly. The sooner the boys undressed, the sooner their feet would be touching the water. The boys also knew that it was worth the effort to get done fast. The teacher understood that the boys benefited from working on dressing skills as that strengthened their fine motor abilities.

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