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Suspended Containers for Color Matching/Fine-Motor Activities - featured June 28, 2011

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Here is a great idea from our friend Barbara Smith, the "Recycling Occupational Therapist,"

[Image: suspendedcontainers1.JPG]

Detergent and dishwasher bottles are easy to suspend and incorporate into fine motor activities. This picture shows clips that children can either attach or remove and place inside (depending on their abilities). They can match the pin color to the color of the container. Decide the height of the cord depending on how high you want the child to reach and his or her position. For example, you may want her to stand on tip toes or kneel depending on therapeutic goals. Lower functioning or younger children may simply place objects inside. See if they can place or remove the bottles from the line. The photo below shows where I cut on the bottle to separate the handle in order to hook it over the line. Maybe the kids can do this during a relay race, while on skates, on their bellies (using a low line), with eyes closed, standing on one leg, while on a trampoline....any more ideas?

[Image: suspendedcontainers2.JPG]

- Barbara Smith, M.S., OTR/L

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