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Print, Cut and Play Language

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Make Language Therapy fun and exciting with Print, Cut, & Play Language

Print, Cut and Play Language is a great tool to use with elementary level students for increasing language in the areas of analogies, antonyms, categories, compare/contrast, describing, idioms, multiple meanings, problem solving, and synonyms. Each area has 4 activities that can be easily constructed by the SLP or SLP and student with specific directions. These activities are wonderful because they are all hands on and keep the interest of students. Students will have fun learning language!

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Flowering Analogies
Cowboy Analogies
Birdhouse Analogies
Barnyard Analogies


Rolling Antonyms
Buttery Antonyms
Antonym Tree
A Scoop of Antonyms


Kites and Categories
Ice Cream Flavors
Category Thinkers
Categories in the Sky

Compare and Contrast

Going Bananas for Comparisons
Dragonfly Compare and Contrast Front
Dragonfly Compare and Contrast Reverse
Comparing Shapes
Ballooning Differences


Spin and Describe
Dots of Describing
Description Bingo
Bottled Up Descriptions


Solving Idioms with Tools
Pencil Me In Idioms
Living Idioms
Idiom Cube

Multiple Meanings

Multiple Meaning Patch
Multiple Meaning Melon
Flavorful Pies with Multiple Meanings
Barking with Multiple Meanings Reverse
Barking with Multiple Meanings Front

Problem Solving

Worming Around Problems Reverse
Worming Around Problems Front
Spouting Problems
Raining Solutions
Buzzing with Solutions


Synonym Vegetable Garden
Leaping with Synonyms
Flower Garden Synonyms
Advanced Synonym Cube

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