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Play Strong

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Activities to promote muscle strengthening in children
through play.

This is a collection of 40+ activities that promote muscle strengthening in children. The activities are great for your pediatric occupational and physical therapy sessions for children with varying abilities. This is an excellent resource for pediatric therapists.

This book is divided into three sections: Activities to Increase Upper Extremity Muscle Strength: includes activities such as Rapunzel, The Strengthening Train, The Washing Machine, Steamroller and more.

Activities to Increase Lower Extremity Muscle Strength: includes activities such as Dinosaur Stomp, Squash the Bugs, Bridges and Tunnels, Moon Rocks and more.

Activities to Increase Muscle Strength in the Trunk: includes activities such as Let's Go Shopping, The Car Race, The River Rope, Knock the Ball and more.

Modifications are listed for many activities to increase/ decrease difficulty or to adapt activities for more involved children. The book has basic illustrations to supplement the written instruction of the activities.

The activities require equipment that you would have in your therapy closet such as large balls, hoops, cuff weights and resistive tubing. This book is written for pediatric therapists. It is written with the assumption that the reader has a basic understanding of therapeutic exercise, muscle strengthening and muscle groups.

Play Strong - Full Book

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