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Superflex, A Social Thinking Curriculum

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A Fun and Motivating Way to Explore Social Thinking Behavior

Stephanie Madrigal, SLP MA CCC
Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP MA CCC
Illustrated by Kelly Knopp

Superflex provides a non-threatening way of learning the unspoken rules of social interaction. This curriculum is a fun and motivating way to teach flexible thinking. For a child who does not read the hidden rules, adapting physical and emotional reactions to others social cues can be extremely challenging. Children are easily able to relate to the characters and enjoy striving to be the Ultimate Superhero by defeating other characters.

Superflex Book
Superflex Comic
Training Academy Sign
Gym Sign
Lesson 1 Handout
Lesson 1 Funwork
Lesson 1 Parent Letter
Lesson 2 Handout
Lesson 2 Funwork
Lesson 3 Handout
Lesson 3 Funwork
Lesson 3 Social Scenes
Lesson 4 Handout
Lesson 4 Funwork
Lesson 5 Handout
Lesson 5 Funwork
Lesson 6 Handout
Lesson 6 Funwork
Lesson 7 Handout
Lesson 7 Funwork
Lesson 8 Handout
Lesson 8 Funwork
Lesson 9 Handout
Lesson 9 Funwork
Lesson 10 Handout
Lesson 10 Funwork
Lesson 11 Handout
Lesson 11 Funwork
Lesson 12 Handout
Lesson 12 Funwork
Lesson 13 Handout
Appendix B - Cards
Appendix C - Award


Body Snatcher Sign
Energy Harey Sign
Glass Man Sign
Grumpaniny Sign
Mean Jean Sign
One-Sided Sid Sign
Space Invader Sign
Superflex's Home Page
Topic Twister Sign
Un-Wonderer Sign
Was Funny Once Sign
Worry Wall Sign

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