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Summer Activities for Children with Aspergers - featured June 22, 2011

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[Source: My Aspergers Child]

Thanks to our Twitter friend @JillianvT for the heads up on this post!

Editor's Note: Although written by a parent, for parents, this is a nice article to share with the parents of your kiddos

Many Aspergers kids have extreme difficulties with transitions. This can be a simple transition, such as moving from one activity to another, or a more significant transition like school letting out for the summer. When moms and dads plan ahead and schedule summer activities for their youngster, the transition out of school and into the less structured summer-time can be easier for all involved.

The purpose of summer vacation should be to give kids the opportunity to explore new learning avenues. If you have an Aspergers child, two new learning opportunities that he can benefit from are (a) new activities and (b) new places. Being able to do a new activity or go into a new location - and feel comfortable - is a valuable skill that many Aspergers kids struggle with. Fortunately, during the summer months, you can go to new places earlier in the day when they are not as crowded, which should make the experience a lot easier for your child to deal with.

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