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Articles on Stuttering

A Model for Manipulating Linguistic Complexity in Stuttering Therapy - featured June 20, 2011
A Parent's Question: Why Does My Child Still Stutter Even Though He is in Therapy? - featured May 7, 2010
A Parent's Question: Why Does My Child Not Stutter in Front of His Speech Therapist?
Ask the Expert by Nancy Hall - An SLP talks to Parents
Ask the Expert: Is There Still No Cure for Stuttering?
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Stuttering
Cluttering - Some Guidelines
Could Voice Therapy be a Remedy for Stuttering?
Counseling Parents in Stuttering: The Basics
Developing A New Paradigm for Stuttering - Stuttering Hexagon - featured January 27, 2011
Down Syndrome and Stuttering - featured March 18, 2011
Early Intervention Important for Children Who Stutter - Featured October 22, 2010
Feedforward Strategy in Children - featured September 9, 2010
Guest Blog: Get Your Hands Dirty - featured April 27, 2011
How Language, Motor, and Emotional Factors May Influence Early Childhood Stuttering - October 23, 2009
IS = EB Stuttering Inside and Out
IS = EB Stuttering Inside and Out
Mythbusters - Myths About Stuttering
Neurogenic Stuttering - Some Guidelines - February 2010
Obtaining Reimbursement for Stuttering Treatment - featured October 8, 2010
On the Trail of Lionel Logue: One SLP's Excellent Adventure - featured March 4, 2011
Put A Spell On Stuttering
Q&A About School Age Stuttering - May 2009
Reactive or Proactive: How Do You Respond to Stuttering?
School-Age Stuttering: What Works? - featured May 7, 2010
Speech Control In Children With Down Syndrome
Sports and Stuttering
Stuttering - What Can Be Done About It?
Stuttering and the Bilingual Child
Stuttering and The King's Speech - featured November 5, 2010
Stuttering Facts - Frequently Asked Questions
Stuttering Information
Stuttering Therapy: The Focus of Increased Communication
Stuttering Therapy: The Focus of Increased Communication - Featured October 29, 2010
The Hawthorne Effect And Its Relationship To Chronic Stuttering - July 10, 2009
The Impact of ADHD on Stuttering Therapy - featured January 20, 2011
The King's Speech Enlightens About Stuttering and a Speech Therapist - featured January 25, 2011
Things I Look For in Therapy - (Written by a Stutterer) - January 9, 2010
What Are Stuttering and Speech Problems?

Videos on Stuttering

Definitions of Stuttering

Featured News of the Week on Stuttering

'The King's Speech' and Stuttering in the New York Times - featured November 30, 2010
'The King's Speech' on National Public Radio - featured November 30, 2010
'The King's Speech' to Hit Broadway in 2012 - featured August 9, 2011
'The King's Tongue Twisters' - More from the New York Times with Carolyn Bowen Quoted - featured December 13, 2010
Cigarette Smoke Linked To ADHD, Headaches And Stuttering In Children - featured October 8, 2010
College Student Finds Therapy Through Acting - Feel Good Story of the Week - featured April 22, 2011
More Stuttering (of King George) in the News - featured November 30, 2010
NC State Student Innovation Team Receives PDMA Award for Fluency Assistant - featured April 28, 2011
People Who Stutter Show Abnormal Brain Activity When Reading and Listening - featured November 22, 2010
PG-13 Version of The King's Speech Opening April 1st - featured March 28, 2011
Preschool Male to Female Data on Stuttering - featured July 5, 2011
Researchers Discover First Genes for Stuttering - featured February 12, 2010
School Speech Therapy in the News - featured February 19, 2010
Singing Therapy for Fluency in the News - featured October 3, 2011
SLPs in the News Discussing Stuttering: 'The King's Speech' Passes Stutterers The Mic - featured January 6, 2011
Study: Brain Changes in Stutterers Involve More than Speech - featured August 18, 2011
Stuttering and The King's Speech - featured November 5, 2010
Stuttering Doesn't Take A Summer Break - featured June 1, 2011
Stuttering Foundation Gets Starring Role on The King's Speech DVD
Stuttering in the News - USA Today - featured November 30, 2010
Stuttering Linked to Genetics, Motor Control - featured February 21, 2011
Stuttering Reigns King at the Oscars - featured February 28, 2011
The King's Speech Honored with 12 Oscar Nominations - featured January 25, 2011
Video: More Stuttering in the News from ABC - featured November 30, 2010

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