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Study Finds No Link Between Dyslexia and a Lack of Musical Ability - featured April 8, 2010

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Source: ScienceDaily (Apr. 8, 2010) —

There is no link between a lack of musical ability and dyslexia. Moreover, attempts to treat dyslexia with music therapy are unwarranted, according to scientists in Belgium writing in the current issue of the International Journal of Arts and Technology.

Cognitive neuroscientist José Morais of the Free University of Brussels and colleagues point out that research into dyslexia has pointed to a problem with how the brain processes sounds and how dyslexic readers manipulate the sounds from which words are composed, the phonemes, consciously and intentionally. It was a relatively short step between the notion that dyslexia is an issue of phonological processing and how this might also be associated with poor musical skills -- amusia -- that has led to approaches to treating the condition using therapy to improve a dyslexic reader's musical skills.

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