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Studies on Handwriting and Pupil Response in Autism News - featured November 13, 2009

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It was a big week for research. Here is information on two more studies for you in the Autism world.

In a study conducted by the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, esearchers gave a handwriting test to 14 children with autism (ages 8 to 13) who had normal IQs and 14 children with normal development.

"What we were interested in is understanding whether a problem of something as important as handwriting, which folks need for school and general life, whether that deficit is really due to a problem with controlling movement, versus some other problem," said Amy Bastian, an author of the study and director of the motion analysis lab at Kennedy Krieger. "What we found is these kids have handwriting problems that really correlate with their motor findings." [Source: ABC News]

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In the second study, University of Missouri researchers have developed a pupil response test that is 92.5 percent accurate in separating children with autism from those with typical development. In the study, MU scientists found that children with autism have slower pupil responses to light change. [Source:]

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