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Speaking Through Computers - featured July 7, 2011

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[Source NBC]

Whether it's due to autism or a physical impairment, there are many people who simply can't speak.

But that doesn't mean they can't learn to communicate.

When you think of speech therapy, what probably comes to mind is verbal skills

"Articulation therapy, how you physically produce sounds, is one area in speech language therapy that I think is the best known," says Valerie Rodriguez-Adhikari, a speech therapist with Lee Memorial Health System.

In reality speech therapy covers the whole spectrum of communication.

An option for many who are non-verbal is to learn to converse using A-A-C or augmentative and alternative communication.

Take seven year old AJ Chamorro, who has cerebral palsy, limiting his ability to speak.

"Because of his diagnosis of cerebral palsy it impacts his gross motor his fin motor and very much impacts his oral motor skill so its very fine tuned movements that we use to speak every day and we don't realize we just think its automatic to us" says Rodriguez-Adhikari.

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