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Some Kids With Spinal Cord Injury May Be Overlooked For Walking Rehabilitation - featured November 16, 2010

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[Source: Science]

The traditional way to predict whether children can regain movement after spinal cord injuries may exclude a small subset of patients who could benefit from therapy, according to two studies presented by University of Florida researchers at the Society for Neuroscience meeting this week in San Diego.

In one study, researchers present details of a child with incomplete spinal cord injury who continues to improve four years after recovering walking ability in a locomotor training program at UF, even though clinical assessment tools predicted he would never walk again.

In another presentation, the scientists discussed findings in which three of six children with severe, chronic and incomplete spinal cord injuries - patients who retain some sensation or movement below the injury - improved through locomotor training, to the point where they could take steps. Even the three who did not regain stepping ability acquired greater trunk control.

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