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SMILE: For Infants and Toddlers - A Comprehensive Program to Improve Communication Skills in Bilingual Children

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The SMILE program is a series of 12 sessions. Each program comes with the SMILE book and five, 48-page parent handbooks that contain all of the parents’ resources. Each session includes:
  • Session Focus : A communication focus (e.g. requesting) is included with each session as well as ways to increase the child’s ability to communicate better.
  • SMILE Pages : Signing, cueing, and gesturing techniques accompany important vocabulary for each activity.
  • Session Activity : Each session includes an activity for the parent to practice new communication skills in an interactive, fun way.

Who Uses the SMILE Program?
  • Speech-Language Pathologists : Each session is designed to increase the speech and language abilities of children up to three-years old. The entire program is based on research on child development, was field-tested by four bilingual SLPs, and is set up for easy data collection.
  • Interventionists : No photocopying, no extra paperwork, 12 sessions to use across 24 months, both Spanish and English. Interventionists were specific in what they wanted to see in new intervention materials. The SMILE program has delivered.
  • Parents : Parents have reported a great increase in their ability to work with their child when using the SMILE program. The book is easy to follow and contains developmental milestones for every age.

SMILE Datasheets


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