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SLPs in the News Discussing Stuttering: 'The King's Speech' Passes Stutterers The Mic - featured January 6, 2011

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Thank you to our friend Dee Fish, M.A., CCC-SLP for giving us the heads-up on this interview that National Public Radio between writer Dan Slater and SLP Kristin Chmela.

[Source: NPR]


This is TALK OF THE NATION. Im Neal Conan in Washington.

In the film "The King's Speech," speech therapist Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush, receives a very special patient who stutters.

Mr. GEOFFREY RUSH (Actor): (As Lionel Logue) What'll I call you?

Mr. COLIN FIRTH (Actor): (As King George VI) Your Royal Highness, then sir after that.

Mr. RUSH: (As Logue) How about Bertie?

Mr. FIRTH: (As George VI) Thats what my family used to say.

Mr. RUSH: (As Logue) In here, it's better if we're equals.

Mr. FIRTH: (As George VI) If we were equals, I wouldn't be here. I'd be at home with my wife, and no one would give a damn.

Mr. RUSH: (As Logue) Well, please don't do that.

Mr. FIRTH: (As George VI) I'm sorry?

Mr. RUSH: (As Logue) I believe sucking smoke into your lungs, it will kill you.

Mr. FIRTH: (As George VI) My physicians say it relaxes the throat.

Mr. RUSH: (As Logue) Well, they're idiots.

Mr. FIRTH: (As George VI) They've all been knighted.

Mr. RUSH: (As Logue) It makes it official, then.

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