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Simulated Envelopes to Label - featured July 11, 2011

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Here is an excellent activity for daily living / vocational training. Thanks to Barbara Smith of the Recycling Occupational Therapist for this clever idea.

Its easy to make simulated envelopes using cardboard or plastic. I prefer using cardboard with its natural color that is similar to the color of some envelopes.

[Image: env1.JPG]

Placing the wider length piece of Velcro simulates placing stickers and placing the smaller piece on the top right hand corner simulates attaching a stamp.

If you need to simplify start off by using an "envelope" with only one of the velcro shapes attached (either the label or stamp shapes).

[Image: env2.JPG]

Provide several of these to give students lots of practice on a skill that may be useful in a pre-vocational setting.

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