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Sensory Processing Disorder in the School Transportation Trade Press and Conferences! - featured July 27, 2010

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This is very cool indeed. An Occupational Therapist spoke at the School Transportation News Exposition on SPD to give attendees a better understanding of the challenges facing some students with this disorder.

[Source: School Transportation News]

Sensory Sensitivities on the School Bus Discussed at STN EXPO

Sue Shutrump, an occupational therapist for the Trumbull County (Ohio) Educational Service Center, gave attendees a better understanding of how loud noises and the slightest touch can send some students over the edge and create a difficult experience for themselves and their students.

By understanding how some students might react to sudden sounds or even the slightest physical contact, drivers can structure a bus environment that suits everyone’s needs. But it is not always an over-response to stimuli that drivers must worry about. Some forms of Sensory Processing Disorder, or SPD, affect children in a way that causes them to have an almost insatiable desire for sensory stimulation. This can cause hyperactivity, as they seek further stimulation, or even pain, as they may be unaware of the pain as a result of SPD.

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