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Selective Mutism

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Articles on Selective Mutism

10 Stages in the Emergence of Speaking at School
A Family History Study of Selective Mutism - featured August 10, 2011
Addressing the Issue of Speech Anxiety with Selectively Mute Children
Assessing Speech-Language Skills in Children with Selective Mutism
Children Who Suffer in Silence - featured January 28, 2011
Classroom Strategies for Teachers of Selectively Mute Children - featured November 21, 2011
Diagnostic Guidelines for Treating Professionals
DIR / Floortime in Assessing and Treating Selective Mutism - featured April 25th, 2011
Floor Time as a Play Therapy Intervention for Children Impacted by Selective Mutism - featured March 10, 2011
Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Mutism - Part One
Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Mutism - Part Three
Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Mutism - Part Two
Guidelines for Parents Contemplating a Change of School for their Selectively Mute Child
Helping our Teachers Understand Selective Mutism
Helping Socially Anxious and Selectively Mute Children: Guidelines for Teachers and School Personnel
Helping the Child with Selective Mutism Acknowledge, Assess & Understand their Anxiety
Helping Your Child Navigate Social Dilemmas
Importance of an Early diagnosis of Selective Mutism (SM)
Individualized Education Plans or Section 504 Plans for children diagnosed with a Childhood Anxiety Disorder and Selective Mutism
Is there an Affect between Diet and Selective Mutism?
My Child Has Selective Mutism, What Do I Do Now?
Playing with Self Esteem: The Importance of Social Skills - featured November 26, 2010
Presentation of Children/Teens with Selective Mutism thru the Ages
Q&A What is Selective Mutism? - September 2009
Reduced Auditory Efferent Activity in Childhood Selective Mutism
School-Based Intervention Using Muscle Relaxation Techniques
School-Based Strategies for Building Rapport with Selectively Mute Children
Selective Mutism - An Integrated Treatment Approach
Selective Mutism - Defined and Explained on the ASHA Website
Selective Mutism and Behavioral Inhibition
Selective Mutism and the SLP in the Schools
Selective Mutism in Elementary School
Selective Mutism in the News - Time Magazine
Selective Mutism Intervention
Selective Mutism-Stages of Social Communication Comfort Scale ©
Selective Mutism: An Integrated Treatment Approach
Selective Mutism: Described
Selective Mutism: Selected References & Resources
SM Reference List
Social-Communication Anxiety Inventory
Suggested IEP and 504
Suggestions for How To Help a Child with Selective Mutism Open Up
Tips for Parents Seeing Signs of Mutism: From Chicago Tribune
Tips for Summer Break for Children with Selective Mutism - featured June 11, 2010
Transitional Stage Of Communication © (Stage 2 of SM-SCCS) The Missing Link! - featured May 23, 2011
Useful Tips for Parents: Do's and Don'ts When Helping the Selectively Mute Child
Using a Counseling Approach When Working with Children with Selective Mutism
What is Social Communication Anxiety Treatment (SCAT)?

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