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Revisiting ADHD and Ritalin - featured May 17, 2011

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[Source: The Los Angeles Times]

The doctor who in his 1996 book suggested that the hyperactivity disorder was being over-diagnosed has released a new book on the progress of some of his patients over the years.

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Lawrence H. Diller, a pediatrician from Walnut Creek, ignited a national debate over the steep rise in children being diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and treated with stimulant medication.

Diller's 1996 book, "Running on Ritalin," suggested that ADHD was being over-diagnosed, and that Ritalin, and the many formulations of amphetamine-like drugs that would follow, was being prescribed in many cases to children who would respond well to family therapy and tailored programs and routines at home and at school.

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