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Quitting the Quiet: Program Helps Selectively Mute Children Overcome Anxieties - featured December 30, 2011

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[Source ABC News/Nightline]

At home, Jake Semmel acts like a happy-go-lucky 6-year-old who loves "Star Wars" and fire trucks. At home, Maya Walker, 7, is a chatterbox.

But in public, Jake will only speak to a select few adults in his life and can't even talk to his grandparents. At school, Maya hasn't said a word in class for an entire year. She doesn't move a muscle when she's on stage during the school pageant. She could never blow out the candles at her own birthday parties.

"I kind of describe it like a Jekyll and Hyde," said Maya's mother, Tessie Scroggins. "She's your normal 6-year-old at home, talkative and being a ham and dancing and singing. Outside of the home, if other people look at her, it seems like she's a depressed kid."

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