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Protecting Your Kiddos Skin This Summer - featured June 5th, 2009

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Thank you to our friends at TRP Wellness for this week's Therapy Tip!

We know that you're getting ready for summer and we hope that it's a hot one! School will be out, camps in, and either you're going on vacation or the new hip thing to do, a "staycation". Either way, we hope you and your families enjoy some nice down time and fun in the sun.

Here are some sunscreen tips for you to share with the parents of your Kiddos with Sensory Issues:

* Instruct parents on the Wilbarger brushing technique.
* Suggest that they rub a washcloth on their child's legs and arms to desensitize before applying sunscreen.
* Recommend they try chemical free sunscreens and oil free sprays to see if that texture is easier on their little one.
* Think of the nose. There are many scent free sunscreens these days or ones with a refreshing scent. We like KinEsys Vanilla Green tea spray best!
* When it's time to re-apply (read labels on how often this is necessary) suggest they give child a Popsicle or frozen juice treat to distract from the non-desired task.

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