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Proprioceptive, Tactile and Fine Motor Painting Activity - featured September 14, 2010

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Special Thanks to Your Therapy Source for this week's Therapy Activity of the Week!

Here is a simple activity that you can modify depending upon the skill level of the child. We chose to do a name but you could make this activity much more simple by just doing lines or random designs. It could also be done on a canvas bag to make a great tote bag gift for someone special.

Purpose of activity: Encourage fine motor skill development, upper extremity muscle strengthening and proprioceptive/tactile input.

Materials: painter's tape (low adhesion), paint and paper. Easel is optional or you could do the activity on the floor.

Step 1: Put painter's tape (low adhesion) on a large piece of paper in a design or create a name.

[Image: 053.JPG]

Optional: If able have the child help to tear the tape to encourage fine motor skill development.

[Image: 055.JPG]

Step 2: When design is completed paint the palms of the child's hands. The child will then press hard on the picture with flat hands.

[Image: 059.JPG]

[Image: 060.JPG]

Step 3: When the paint has dried completely remove the painter's tape to reveal the design.

[Image: 061.JPG]

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