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Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development

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Programs Supporting Young Children's Language

Kathy Thiemann, Ph.D. & Steven F. Warren Ph.D., University of Kansas

Published online 05-31-06 in the Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network in their Encyclopedia of Language and Literacy Development

The purpose of this paper is to provide current research findings and recommendations on programs and intervention approaches that promote young children's language acquisition. The paper focuses on children from birth to five years of age with mild to severe language delays or disorders, including at-risk children. Following a discussion of some current challenges in the field of early language intervention, we describe recent progress in meeting these challenges and present an emerging early language intervention model. We then summarize important research findings related to evaluating program outcomes, measuring the impact of effective programs on children's language development, and fostering adult (e.g., parents, caregivers, early interventionists) participation at home and in the community. The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications of these language intervention and research issues for families, policy- makers, and the general public.

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