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President Signs Educator Jobs and FMAP Bill - featured August 12, 2010

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[Source: Council for Exceptional Children]

After months of advocacy by CEC, other education groups, and individuals across the nation, the House and Senate have both passed legislation that will save educator jobs and extend Federal Medicaid funding. Importantly, and of concern to many, this funding is fully paid for, meaning it will not add to the deficit. Indeed, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, in addition to providing schools and states the money that they critically need - it will actually lower the deficit over the next 10 years.

Last week, as we reported in the Policy Insider blog, the Senate approved this critical funding by a vote of 61-39. In response to this action and the impending beginning of the school year, Nancy Pelosi,(D-Calif.) Speaker of the House of Representatives, took the historic action of calling House members back from their August recess to vote on the measures approved by the Senate. This quick action will allow the U.S. Department of Education to begin distributing this funding to states as soon as September. Money will be distributed to states using a formula based on population figures. It will go directly to a state's governor, who will then send it on to local school districts according to state formulas or the federal formula for Title I aid.

The Center for Budget Policy and Priority has created a chart identifying what each state is expected to receive of both jobs and FMAP monies. Notably, the Center estimates that at least 160,000 educator jobs will be saved. Click on this chart to see where your state stands.

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