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Plan a Therapy Talent Show - featured July 10, 2009

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This week's Therapist Tip of the Week comes from Margaret Rice at Your Therapy Source. Thanks for the great ideas as always, Margaret!

Why not try something different for the end of this school year or for during the summer programming? Plan a therapy skills show. Students can exhibit the skills that they learned in therapy over the school year to teachers, classmates and parents. Maybe showcase how to use a new piece of assistive technology or adapted equipment. Perhaps a child would like to demonstrate how they learned to cut out objects, walk across the room or drive his/her wheelchair up a ramp. Each act can just be a few minutes long. This would be a great self esteem boost for the children to show off what they have learned.

If you are working at a school don't forget all the important steps to plan an event.
1. Request permission from school administrators
2. Schedule a convenient time and reserve auditorium
3. Ask for volunteers to help the day of the show
4. Make flyers to invite teachers, students and parents
5. Create a program to pass out the day of the show

Don't have time to plan a show? Have the children complete the following statement and hang their responses on a bulletin board or make a digital slide show of the results, "The most important skill I have learned in therapy is.....". Schedule a time for the entire school to view the slide show to promote how therapy can help children.

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