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Pediatric Stroke / Hemiplegia

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Pediatric Stroke Links

Childhood Stroke Awareness Campaign, Mission is to educate about pediatric stroke.

Children's Hemiplegia & Stroke Association- for Children with Mild to Moderate Hemiplegia, Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy due to Infant Stroke or Childhood Stroke

Hemi Kids, Online Support for Children with Hemiplegia or Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

Pediatric Stroke Network, The first support group for pediatric stroke to register with the American Heart Association.

Pediatric Strokes, Infants have Strokes, Kids have Strokes, even Unborn babies have Strokes.

Articles on Pediatric Strokes

Videos About Pediatric Strokes

Pediatric Stroke Blogs

Featured News of the Week on Pediatric Stroke

Featured Tips and Resources on Pediatric Stroke

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