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Parental Involvement

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Articles on Parental Involvement

A Parent's Guide To Psychological Assessment of Apraxic Children
A Parents Pain
ADHD and Your School-Aged Child - featured September 24, 2010
Applied Behavior Analysis for Children with Autism
Assistive Technology and the IEP - featured September 3, 2010
Back to School Transitions - Tips for Parents - Resource of the Week - featured August 27, 2010
Back-to-School: What it Means When You're in a Wheelchair - featured August 20, 2010
Bullying: Help Your Child Handle A School Bully
Communication Development: Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade
Connecting and Building Relationships with Parents for Better Outcomes in the Children You Work With - featured July 30, 2010
Considerations and Recommendations for an Appropriate School-Based Speech Therapy Program
Considerations in Developing Home Programs - Featured May 28, 2010
Coping with Crisis: Helping Children With Special Needs - featured February 4, 2011
Craft Activities for Occupational Therapy - featured July 2, 2010
Disability Etiquette - Tips On Interacting With People With Disabilities - Featured July 23, 2010
Early Intervention: Is Being a Good SLP Good Enough?
Educational Rights Of Children With Traumatic Brain Injury - featured December 17, 2010
Extra-Curricular Activities -- Enrichment or Substitute Parenting? - featured June 24, 2011
Family-School Partnerships: Information And Approaches For Educators
Friendships and Our Children
Getting Off To The Right Start: Ten Tips To Make Sure Your Child's IEP Is Ready To Go On Day One - featured September 29, 2010
Graphomotor Skills: Why Some Kids Hate To Write - featured December 3, 2010
Guest Blog: For the Therapist, From the Mom - featured November 2, 2011
Guest Blog: Great Day in the Morning - featured January 7, 2011
Handling The Transfer To Secondary School
Helping Parents Become Effective Language Facilitators - December 2006
Helping Parents Promote Fine Motor Skills - featured January 27, 2011
Holiday Gift Guide for Kids—and Their Adults—with Spinal Cord Issues
How Does Your Child Hear and Talk?
How to Reduce Anxiety: Yours and Your Child’s - featured February 25, 2011
How to Reduce Anxiety: Yours and Your Child’s Part II
IEP Team Meetings: A Guide To Participation For Parents - featured September 3, 2010
IEP: Intervention and Oversight - featured May 28, 2010
Infants and Hearing Aids - Podcast
Investigating Free Software For Children With Down Syndrome
Language Processing and Comprehension Issues and Children with CAS
Late Blooming or Language Problem?
Literacy Environments For Children With Down Syndrome: What’s Happening At Home?
Making Sense of Attentional Issues - featured August 24, 2010
Making Visual Supports Work For Your Child This Summer - Featured July 30, 2010
Mood Disorders: What Parents and Teachers Should Know
Phonotrauma in Children: Management and Treatment
PICS - Parents Involved in Classroom Success - April 2008
Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development
Psychological Evaluations: What Every Parent Should Know
Q&A - How Can Therapists Help Parents Implement Therapy Activities At Home - featured May 28, 2010
Reducing Stress in Kids
Scoliosis in Rett Syndrome
Scoliosis In Rett Syndrome - Booklet
Services and Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development
Social Communication: A Framework for Assessment and Intervention
Social Language Use (Pragmatics)
Social Stories Therapy for Children with Autism
SPD Expert, Chynna Laird, Reports...The Essentials For A ‘Sensational’ Learning Environment
Special Considerations for Psychological/Educational Evaluations of Children with No Speech or Unintelligible Speech
Speech and Language Goals When Planning an IEP for a Child With Apraxia of Speech : Part 1
Speech and Language Goals When Planning an IEP for a Child With Apraxia of Speech : Part 2
Speech-Language Pathologist Ann Kummer And Child Psychologist Leslie Rescorla Discuss Language Delay In Young Children - Podcast
Teen Bullying: What Parents Need To Know
Ten Tips To Ease Holiday Travels With Special Needs Children
The Challenge Of Training Parents - featured November 19, 2010
The Importance of Parent Involvement in the Speech Therapy Process - featured July 25, 2011
The Importance of Parent Involvement in the Speech Therapy Process - featured July 6, 2011
The Role of the SLP in Schools: A Presentation for Teachers, Administrators, Parents and the Community
This Isn't Mars After All: Parents and Children After the Diagnosis of Autism
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Top Ten Toys for Developing Fine Motor Skills in Young Children - August 7, 2009
Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate: Part 1
Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate: Part 2
Why Do Children Refuse or Resist Speech Therapy?
Wiiiiii!: Adaptive Exercise That’s Actually Fun
With Cyberbullying, There's No Safe Place, Study Finds
Worth Repeating: SPD Expert, Chynna Laird, Reports...Five Ways to Help Your ‘Sensational’ Kid Through Transition - shared on our blog August 27, 2010
Writing Letters and Their Role in Advocating for Your Child

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