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Children's Songs for Therapy

Please note: This book was written by a young, up and coming clinician. The author has given us permission to give a copy to current PediaStaff Contractors only. Please restrict your use of this book to your own professional use and do not copy it for others.

The book may be purchased for $9.98 HERE

Current PediaStaff Therapists May Download the Complete Book HERE (PDF)

A Note from the Author: When I created this e-book, I wanted to make it user-friendly for all therapists - not just those who could read music. Therefore, many of the songs are piggy-backed off of familiar tunes and I used songs that could be used for a variety of goals and objectives.

Finally, I think one of my favorite parts of the e-book is the access to the members-only section on the site. I post .mp3s and videos to supplement the materials in the book (and again, assist those who may not be familiar with the tune), as well as additional *bonus* songs and visuals. The password for the members-only section of my website,, is: mtsasongs!

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