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One-Cut Books - featured December 10, 2010

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The best part of the ASHA 2010 Convention in Philadelphia was the session held by Judith Kuster called "Internet Gold." And was it Ever.

Judith shared with us a full sessions-worth of amazing links to great websites and resources for therapists. PediaStaff will share them with you regularly! One of my favorites is a page of "One-Cut Books" and links to instructions page for making one-cut books. The page was created as a challenge made by Judy Kuster to 22 of her grad students. One cut books are made by folding an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of typing paper and making one small cut.

Enjoy Judy Kuster's page of One-Cut Books HERE!

To see more of Judith Kuster's wonderful ideas, visit her website at

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