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New York Times Compilation of Text to Speech Devices

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The New York Times recently published two articles on Text to Speech devices. The first article was basically a discussion of how insurance companies have been resistant to iPhone editions of popular software that is bringing portability, ease of use and affordability to thousands of people with speech-impairing conditions.

Readers wrote into the NYT in large numbers asking what software was in fact available for the iPhone, so the author published a story the following day with links to many devices, some free, some inexpensive and some proprietary.

We thought that our readers might be interested in sharing this list of applications with parents of their kiddos.

The second article also talks about how people can donate used iPhones to organizations like the ALS Association who are giving them to needy families loaded with text-speech software.

Read the New York Times Article on Insurance Companies and iPhone Text-Speech Solutions

Read the New York Times Article Listing Available iPhone (and other) text-speech solutions

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