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New Study Shows Potential for Multi-Modal Hemispheric Based Training for Kids with AD/HD - featured August 24, 2010

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[Source: Medical News Today]

A new ADD/ADHD study found that a multi-modal hemispheric based program significantly improved the participant's educational outcomes. The study, "The Effect of Hemispheric Specific Remediation Strategies on the Academic Performance Outcome of Children With ADD/ADHD," was conducted by a research team including, Gerry Leisman, Robert Melillo, Sharon Thum, Mark Ransom, Michael Orlando, Christopher Tice, and Frederick Carrick. The study appears in the current issue of the International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health.

The new study included 122 children ages six to twelve years in Nassauand Suffolk Counties New York. All were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD; 94 were male and 28 were female; and all were of average intelligence. Before starting the study, each participant completed Wechsler Individual Achievement Tests (WIAT) including subtests for Word Reading, Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Reasoning, Spelling, Written Expression, Listening Comprehension and Oral Expression. The intervention consisted of a 12-week multi-modal program delivered through 60-minute sessions, three times per week. The sessions included sensory stimulation, motor training, aerobic strength and conditioning, and academic training. A key activity included auditory feedback through synchronized metronome training to improve the participants' ability to match physical motion to the beat. Remediation techniques also included primitive reflex inhibition exercises and academic home training.

Results were evaluated by comparing pre-and post-intervention standardized academic achievement and motor coordination and function scores, as well as reassessment on the Brown Scale for ADD/ADHD.

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