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New Roles in Response to Intervention:Creating Success for Schools and Children

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[Source] ASHA

By: A Collaborative Project with ASHA and Other Organizations

The challenge teaching in a nation of over 300 million people, 53 million students, and almost 100,000 elementary and secondary schools is to enhance each child’s unique abilities while working in a class and a school. Response to intervention, or RTI, is an example of one of these challenges. Over the last nine months the groups who are represented here, and others met to discuss how best to encourage the use of RTI and each school’s unique range of professionals to meet the education needs of all of their students. This group of papers represents a different approach to working on public policy. We didn’t seek an agreement on specific text, rather we sought to describe how professionals could take active roles to contribute their unique knowledge and perspective in new ways for each child’s needs. When you have read all of these papers, you will note that each staff member in each school building who works with struggling students has a role to play. We hope this encourages all of us to find more common ground to continue to work in the best interest of children.

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