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Minimal Pairs Word List/Directory - featured March 9, 2011

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Here is another great resource shared by Judith Kuster at her "Internet Gold." seminar

John Higgins is a international teacher of English as a Foreign Language. In 1997 he started putting together a directory of minimal pairs that now boasts 92,253 entries to date.

What are minimal pairs? As defined by John Higgins, minimal pairs "are pairs of words whose pronunciation differs at only one segment, such as sheep and ship or lice and rice. They are often used in listening tests and pronunciation exercises. Theoretically it is the existence of minimal pairs which enables linguists to build up the phoneme inventory for a language or dialect, though the process is not without difficulty." Minimal pairs are especially useful for speech-language pathologists working with children with speech sound disorders.

Visit John Higgins Minimal Pairs Directory

Read a history of this project

To see more of Judith Kuster's wonderful ideas, visit her website at

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