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Living Near a Highway May Contribute to Autism - featured December 17, 2010

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[Source: Time Magazine]

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Photo:Eric Fischer

There are many reasons why living near a highway is undesirable — the noise, the poor air quality, the endless stream of lost tourists using your driveway to turn around. But a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives offers another: children who lived near highways at birth had twice the risk of autism as those who live farther way.

Researchers interviewed and examined 304 children with autism and, as a control, 259 typically developing children in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento metropolitan areas. Researchers found that children whose families lived within 1,000 feet from a freeway at birth — about 10% of the children in the study — were twice as likely to have autism as those who lived farther from a highway. (More on Study: Some Autistic Brains Really Are Wired Differently)

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