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Literacy, Language and Emotional Development

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Literacy, Language and Emotional Development

Monique Sénéchal, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Carleton University

Published online 05-31-06 in the Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network in their Encyclopedia of Language and Literacy Development

Learning to read is the central achievement of early elementary schooling. Children bring with them experiences, knowledge and skills that facilitate their acquisition of efficient and accurate reading skills. The view adopted here is that children will spend their first three years of school learning to read, and then will start using reading to learn (Chall, 1983). Moreover, accurate comprehension of written texts presupposes that children can read individual words effortlessly (Adams, 1990). Early educators will want to understand what skills children need to ensure successful learning in grades one, two and three. This report will focus on early language skills that have been linked to efficient word reading and reading comprehension, namely children's awareness of the spoken language and their vocabulary. In addition, the report will present some of the limited evidence showing that the degree to which children learn to read successfully is linked to their self-concepts.

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